Where are the quality stem cell blogs?

Honestly, there are not too many good, stem cell related blogs out there. By “good stem cell blogs” I mean blogs that are regularly updated in a niche stem cell related field full with quality science information followed by original opinions and ideas and not just human or algorithmic link blogs.

Here are 3 solid and trustworthy stem cell related blogs I regularly (but not every day) follow:

The Niche: The blog of Nature Reports Stem Cells by Monya Baker.

The California Stem Cell Report: Former political reporter and business journalist David Jensen reports every public movement around the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

The Stem Cell Blog: Although it is definitely not THE Stem Cell Blog, written by Christopher Thomas Scott, Director, Stanford University Program on Stem Cells in Society (PSCS), but worth checking.

Let me know what are the SC blogs you like!

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