Lanza up, West down at Advanced Cell Technology

Robert Lanza is now the Chief Scientific Officer of Advanced Cell Technology, while Michael West is voluntarily stepping down as the companys President and Chief Scientific Officer and jumps into the CEO seat of BioTime Inc..

Lanza and West are 2 legendary figures in the biotech industry, and here are 2 interesting things concerning them:

West is in the science, telomerase, stem cell, regmed, biotech business because of his strong life extension commitment and had a big effect on Aubrey de Grey (see How to Live Forever or Die Trying: On the New Immortality by Bryan Appleyard or the highly entertaining Rapture by Brian Alexander).

Lanza was the disciple of the founder of behaviorism, psychologist B.F. Skinner and they had some articles together, say this Science article on the “Self-Awareness” in the Pigeon.

source: Advanced Cell Technology Announces the Promotion of Dr. Robert Lanza to Chief Scientific Officer

2 thoughts on “Lanza up, West down at Advanced Cell Technology

  1. As far as BioTime is concerned, in their press release they say something about moving in the direction of stem cell research. What the hell do stem cells have to do with blood replacements / cryoprotectants? Is this just a stunt to get the stock price out of the basement? If not, are they radically changing the direction of the company? Why no details on what they are planning on changing?

    What does this mean for Mike West and ACT? Is he still in charge of the ACT lab in california?

  2. Concerning West, here is the referring part in the press release and you can try to figure it out what is behind those diplomatic words:
    “Simultaneous with Dr. Lanza’s promotion, Advanced Cell Technology has announced that Michael D. West, Ph.D., is voluntarily stepping down as the company’s President and Chief Scientific Officer to pursue new opportunities primarily relating to continued research on the ACTcellerate technology platform, which was exclusively developed by Dr. West. The company is in current discussions with several companies to license the ACTcellerate technology program. Dr. West will remain as a director of the company and has entered into a consulting arrangement through the end of 2007 to assist the company with certain scientific and intellectual property projects. “On behalf of the company, the board of directors, and the employees at Advanced Cell Technology, we want to thank Dr. West for his dedication and leadership and for all of the contributions he has made both to our company as well to the field of regenerative medicine.” stated Mr. Caldwell.

    “I look forward to working with ACT in my consulting capacity to help move the first embryonic stem cell-derived products into the clinic,” said Dr. Michael West.”

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