Bill Dye’s hope for an early regenerative medicine therapy! Please help.

Bill Dye has a serious muscle-tendon damage and is looking for an experimental regenerative medicine therapy (stem cells or tissue engineering or both) after 2 years and many surgical interventions. If any out of the expert readers of this blog can help or knows someone, who can help, please do comment or email Mr. Bill Dye. For details, please read the emails below:

Subject: Tore my right pec major sternal head off of my humerus

Hi, my name is Bill Dye. I live in Louisville Ky. I had a very bad injury on 3/17/2005, while doing the decline bench press, and completely tore my right pec major sternal head from my humerus. It was initially misdiagnosed as a partial tear. I had my 1st failed surgery on 7/26/2205 in Birmingham Alabama. The doctor did not even reattach my tendon, which I did not realize till a few months after the surgery.

I did some more research online, and came across Dr C. B., who was then at Duke University Med Center. On 9/6/2006, Dr B. did successfully reattach my tendon to my humerus, but there is so much scar damage from the original injury, that my muscle is still extremely disfigured.

I came across an article on Acell Inc, and got to researching more online about Regenerative Medicine. I was wondering if you knew of any new technology in Regenerative Medicine, that could regenerate my muscle and tendon, to pre injury, such as the “concept” behind the Urinary Bladder Matrix that Acell has, and is attempting to market in the near future. Thanks. Continue reading

Going to the Austin Maker Faire, October 20-21

At last a real family event for Anna and me: we are heading to Travis County Fairgrounds, Austin, Texas on October 19th to visit the MakerFaire. This will be the 3rd American MakerFaire, and the first outside the Bay Area. I am prepared to meet enthusiastic makers and mind-blowing DIY projects there, as well as to say hello to Phil Torrone, Dale Dougherty or Mike Hendrickson, the latter 2 I met at the Euro Maker Faire in Brussels (and Mike as an old Foo was at the SciFoo Camp too, offering me to laser etch my then-new and then-beloved iPhone).