Biopolis profile and cancer stem cells in current Cell Stem Cell

CellStemCellissuesIt is now the 3rd issue of Cell Stem Cell, which is the official journal of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). From the current issue:

In human pancreatic cancer a distinct subpopulation of migrating CD133+ CXCR4+ cancer stem cells turned out to be essential for tumor metastasis different from the ones responsible for tumor growth: Distinct Populations of Cancer Stem Cells Determine Tumor Growth and Metastatic Activity in Human Pancreatic Cancer

Ann Parson highlights Singapore’s Biopolis with a 3.5 billion budget for 10 years:

Biopolis, a broad and busy spectrum of largely government-funded stem cell research—everything from ES to adult cells, basic to clinical—is clear indication of a small nation eager to stay at the forefront. “One of the attractive aspects of Biopolis is that it’s the way a small island can artificially create critical mass,” Alan Colman noted. “It takes the view that there’s no way it can sustain the number and quality of scientists that you’ll find in a Boston, or certain other hot areas in North America. But what you can do is bring everyone together as close as possible so that you can maximize the benefit of your resources.” There are the many distinguished senior scientists from the stem cell and related fields that Philip Yeo lured from other continents, earning him the moniker of “serial kidnapper.”

Guess what? Around 2005 I tried to get a scholarship to Biopolis (wanderlust?), but I failed as the big professor did not even reply to the contact person, who was also a professor recommending me. In Biopolis they are not really interested in recruiting young scientists from abroad as they want foreign experts mentoring the local talents, not vica versa.

At Harvard Medical School, “You are one person out of hundreds in an academic center that has achieved its pinnacle,” Bing Lim remarked. “You feel you wouldn’t be missed. In Singapore, you see a country that is striving to build a center of excellence and constantly raising its own bar, and you know your contribution can matter.”

One thought on “Biopolis profile and cancer stem cells in current Cell Stem Cell

  1. They seem to go so fast that missed the opportunity to create a global center for adult stem cell and regenerative medicine. Biopolis has nice facade, but inside some destroy human beings.
    As discussed in the Bioethics Forum ( even the BAC acknowledges it: “There is continuous development from independent gametes all the way
    through to an independent human being. Attempting to define a point at which this new
    human being begins based on embryology is, the BAC concedes, arbitrary.”
    (Recommendations, Chapter 7, paragraph 16).

    It is a shocking to realize that a country lacking population due to past abortion and antinatal influences, is destroying their on embryos now.

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