Blogs invade The Scientist: vote for your favorite life science blog!

At The Scientist, the editors are awaiting your suggestions on your favorite life science blogs to gather the list of blogs that are especially hot for life science researchers. They asked 7 science bloggers, 5 from ScienceBlogs by SEED (Abel Pharmboy, Bora Zivkovic, Carl Zimmer, Newamul Khan, PZ Myers) and 2 independent bloggers (Ed Silverman and me) to nominate some of their favorite blogs for a start. Below you can find my answer:


Instead of picking three individual blogs, I’d like to mention three topic-related branches of blogs or blog aggregators, referring this way to many individual bloggers and a larger amount of information and information filters. This approach follows from my blog reading habit as my starting point for blogs and all web related science and technology things, are the web sites that could be reached through RSS feeds using a feed reader, which is Google Reader, in my case.
The groups are: a) science blogs written by scientists, b) science related blogs written by journalists and editors, and c) technology and web related blogs written by “alpha geeks and early adopters.”

a. science blogs written by scientists:
Ouroboros: Chris Patil, postdoc in Judith Campisi’s lab at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, reviews articles on the biology of aging, also called biogerontology. The model for Ouroboros was Science Magazine’s SAGE KE.
Daily Transcript: Alex Palazzo, a postdoc at Harvard Medical School, very good mix of hardcore science and general science related material.

b. science related blogs written by journalists: My main sources are blogs of the Nature Publishing Group, which fortunately has an aggregator site called Planet Nature. Out of those my three favorites are:
Nascent: Written by Natureplex people (Nature Web Publishing Group) like Timo Hannay and Euan Edie, on the forefront of the advanced scientific web.
Nautilus: Maxine Clarke, Nature’s Publishing Executive Editor shares with us insider NPG information at an amazing pace, answering all the questions in the comment section.
The Niche: The stem cell blog behind Nature Reports Stem Cells, written by professional journalists and editors Monya Baker and Natalie DeWitt. (Disclaimer: one of my pieces was published at The Niche once)

c. technology and Web-related blogs written by “alpha geeks, early adopters, hackers”:
O’Reilly Radar: A group blog of the O’Reilly publishing folks concentrating on everything new and early and free in Web technology. Main blogger is Tim O’Reilly, Web 2.0 founding father.
Make: Home of amazing and sometimes pretty useful DIY projects, main blogger is Philip Torrone. Belongs to O’Reilly Media Inc.

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