SENS3: The stem cell marketplace by Linda Powers, Tucan Capital (slides)

Linda Powers is the managing director and co-founder of Toucan Capital Corp, a $120 million venture capital fund (SBIC) focused on seed and early-stage life science and advanced technology investments (the fund markets itself as the The Leading US Investor in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine). Out of here insights and facts presented on the SENS3 conference (I caught some of her slides with my iPhone, see below) I’d like to highlight the following ones:
– the anti-aging market today is approx. 42 billion dollars,
– the number of issued and published U.S. stem cell patents has been decreased for the first time since 2000 compared to the earlier year,
– viable business models in regenerative medicine are still missing,
– first-to-trial and -market is not always advantageous in regmed.