Pimm’s Pubmed filter post in Nurture’s “Science 2.0” issue

The edited version of Pimm’s January 30th, 2007 post How to filter and read PubMed articles through RSS feeds? was published in The Summer 2007 issue of Nurture, the magazine for past and present Nature journal authors. According to Maxine Clarke, Nurture editor: The Summer 2007 Issue of Nurture celebrates our blossoming “science 2.0” activities, which invite authors and reviewers to participate with Nature Publishing Group in an interactive, global scientific community. Indeed, there are quick intros to Nature Precedings, Nature Network London, Nature Report Stem Cells, Scintilla, but besides that my favourite reading are the personal editor and author profiles. (On the cover of Nurture you can find one of my confocal microscopy pictures out of the Nature Precedings poster.)


4 thoughts on “Pimm’s Pubmed filter post in Nurture’s “Science 2.0” issue

  1. Thank you. Also, if somebody would like to know the ins and outs of editorial work at the Nature journals, the best way is to read the editor profiles (in this issue for instance Sarbjit Lall and Charvy Narain) in Nurture.

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