Mitochondria in the tubes of stem cells poster on Nature Precedings

naturemainwebsiteexploreBack in June I was a happy beta tester of Nature Precedings, Nature’s own free preprint server. I uploaded a poster of our group called Intact mitochondria migrate in membrane tubular network connections formed between human stem cells by Csordas, Attila, Cselenyák, Attila, Uher, Ferenc, Murányi, Marianna, Hennerbichler, Simone, Redl, Heinz, Kollai, Márk, and Lacza, Zsombor. Available from Nature Precedings <; (2007).

2 thoughts on “Mitochondria in the tubes of stem cells poster on Nature Precedings

  1. Attila,

    Great poster. Our methods for isolation are quite similar and I am glad to report that, based on gross morphology in this poster, nearly identical. This week, this afternoon actually, I am collaborating with a colleague at NCI-Ft Detrick to phenotype for cell type.

    Although one of the comments was that this appeared to be a non-homgeneous culture, you probably observed, as I did, that the morphology changed with regard to time and confluence of the cultures. I think my cultures, after nearly 6 weeks in culture and first passage, are nearly uniform now.

    Very interesting stuff. I hope to see more in the future. Let me know when you’d like some of my cells to play around with. I hope to get a publication or two out of this current collaboration, but always looking for other labs to work with.

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