James Clement, Pimm’s former blogterviewee is WTA’s new Executive Director

james clementJames Clement, attorney and serial entrepreneur is the new Executive Director of the World Transhumanist Association (“WTA“). Press Release

Read our November, 2006 blogterview with James Clement on his life extension commitment:
Maximum Life’s James Clement: what can a lawyer do for life extension?

From the blogterview:

3. What is your favourite argument supporting human life extension?

James Clement: Not only will the suffering of disease and aging be alleviated, but human society will be transformed by continuous learning, and a deeper appreciation for the value of life (human and animal) and the environment in which we live.

6. What can blogs and other websites do for LE?

JC: The vast majority of the public still thinks that extreme life extension is science fiction. Blogs and websites can help educate them as to how close we really are to ending the suffering of disease and aging. Every day, 100,000 individuals die from aging related disease. If we are to put an end to this travesty as soon as possible, we need to motivate the public to make this a priority of our society.