Trivia: Joshua Davis, the journalist is not Joshua Davis, the designer

So far I’ve had the wrong belief that my favourite Wired Journalist, Joshua Davis is the same person as Joshua Davis, the designer, who once has been featured in Wired (not by Joshua Davis, the journalist). The root of my misconception was the common source of my knowledge on these 2 guys, namely Wired magazine. After all, it was good to think that there is this man, who could not only be the subject of a Wired article due to his terrific design work but he is also capable of writing really good stories as a journalist. But then doubts have arisen as I saw that the Joshua Davis I had in mind, is writing at least one major article in almost every Wired issue reporting from different locations all over the world, so how on earth could he find time to do his everyday designer job? Instead of figuring out the “Joshua Davis situation” with 1 simple Google search, cognitive dissonance led me to ignore this emerging doubt and I still maintained my belief that the journalist and the designer is the very same creative person.

But at the SciFoo Camp, Thomas Goetz, another camper, deputy editor of Wired magazine (good job: hunting for good stories and suggesting them for journalists) and blogger behind Epidemix taught me that this one double-faced Joshua Davis is in fact 2 people, although other people used to believe in their unity too. Conclusion: Do not trust in your non-Googlised beliefs.


Puzzle: Which Joshua Davis made this?


Anyway, here are some of my favourite Wired stories from Joshua Davis:

Hackers Take Down the Most Wired Country in Europe

Race to the Bottom

Face Blind

La Vida Robot

Apocalypse Now

5 thoughts on “Trivia: Joshua Davis, the journalist is not Joshua Davis, the designer

  1. yippee – yes we are 2 different people

    I’m the designer… not the writer… I have e-mailed joshua davis the writer a few times as we tend to re-direct inquires back and forth from each other. I also tried to coordinate joshua davis and joshua davis for a wired article about the olympics in beijing… as I was being invited to consult for the beijing olympic webteam… and the other joshua davis could write about our adventure… but sadly we couldn’t work it out.

    anyway… this article should also mention a few more of us out there…

    joshua davis… aka DJ Shadow
    josh davis – – olympic swimmer, silver in sydney (i believe)
    joshua davis… aka musician BitShifter –

    and I’m sure there are many more of us out there.

  2. Dear Joshua,
    thanks for your comment and thank you for confirming the statement, I hope I could help a bit to clarify this geeky misconception. It would be really nice to read that Beijing article. Looking forward to a Joshua Davis on Joshua Davis story.
    The puzzle is still open for the readers: which Joshua Davis made the “Operation@home” picture?

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