SciFoo Camp, 2007: words and recommendations

scifoorecommendationsThe Sci Foo check-in process is a happy one, unlike other check-ins: when you are in, the organizers give you gifts, take a photo on you (to put it on a board) and you are asked to fill in a short intro paper with 2 points: 5 words or phrases that describe your interests and expertises and 5 people we should invite to next year — and words or phrases that describe them.

Here are my solutions (check other campers’ picks on the SciFoo Flickr stream):

5 words or phrases: stem cells (regmed), biotech, science hacks, life extension, IT-BT

5 people (actually 4): Chris Patil of Ouroboros (biogerontology), Curtis Pickering (JeffsBench), Gábor Csányi (network science), 

There wasn’t too much time to think about the choices, so here I’d like to add 5 more people to the recommendation list: Dániel Varga (social network analysis, coding), Jeff Huang (neuroscience), Jim Hardy (Gahaga BioSciences), Thomas Rando (regenerative medicine), Grady Gunn (stem cells).

5 thoughts on “SciFoo Camp, 2007: words and recommendations

  1. Thank you Attila! Sounds like you have had a good time. I have been up to my ears in work, so not paying too much attention to bloggin lately.

    I am very close to have sustainable cultures of amniotic sac MSC, as well as a good cord blood serum for culturing cells instead of FBS. Next project are my Wharton’s Jelly MSC’s. If you, or anyone else reading out there in the blogosphere, would like to play around with these, let me know.

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