SciFoo Camp, 2007: words and recommendations

scifoorecommendationsThe Sci Foo check-in process is a happy one, unlike other check-ins: when you are in, the organizers give you gifts, take a photo on you (to put it on a board) and you are asked to fill in a short intro paper with 2 points: 5 words or phrases that describe your interests and expertises and 5 people we should invite to next year — and words or phrases that describe them.

Here are my solutions (check other campers’ picks on the SciFoo Flickr stream):

5 words or phrases: stem cells (regmed), biotech, science hacks, life extension, IT-BT

5 people (actually 4): Chris Patil of Ouroboros (biogerontology), Curtis Pickering (JeffsBench), Gábor Csányi (network science), 

There wasn’t too much time to think about the choices, so here I’d like to add 5 more people to the recommendation list: Dániel Varga (social network analysis, coding), Jeff Huang (neuroscience), Jim Hardy (Gahaga BioSciences), Thomas Rando (regenerative medicine), Grady Gunn (stem cells).