SciFoo links visualized by TouchGraph Google Browser

The Google Hacks book from O’Reilly was one out of the free goodies on the SciFoo last weekend. Hack #3 is Visualize Google Results with the TouchGraph Java applet that allows you to visually explore the connections between related websites. Of course I started with the term “scifoo” with the setting of filtering single nodes out of the network in order to see the separate groups of nodes behind.


Explore the detailed properties of the SciFoo URL cloud by double clicking the individual nodes in the network.

3 thoughts on “SciFoo links visualized by TouchGraph Google Browser

  1. This looks great. I’m hunting around for a clue to the touchgraph configuration that displays the circles you show here, and uses this interesting font. Thoughts? I’m using the 2002 public version of touchgraph. Thanks — Jared

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