Science on the iPhone, is it a good SciPhone? Aspects for a test series

SciPhonetestI like Google and Apple products, but my expectations are focusing on how these products can help and facilitate me as a scientist, especially as a biomedical research scientist. With the Science on the iPhone test series I’d like to examine in details how proper and user friendly is the iPhone as an ultimate portable, mobile, convergent handheld gadget (or at least the first version of that line) for scientific purposes based on real experience. Briefly: can we use it as a SciPhone?

Amongst others I’ll concentrate on the following: the passive, science consuming opportunities like text reading, photo, presentation and science video watching and the active, science-making issues like writing texts, making photos and giving presentations.

Also I’d like to take a look on how the iPhone fits into the frame of the present scientific web, and how good is for scientific communication. (Photo: my bench this afternoon.)


1: you can do it with iPhone Version 1.0,

0.5: you can hack your iPhone in order to complete the task, or further software updates from Apple can solve the problem on the current model,

0: you must modify the hardware to do that task in question and only future iPhone versions will be able to do so.

2 general lengthy iPhone tests: iPhone in depth: the Ars review, Review: Two Weeks With An iPhone

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  1. It’s a shame that not many people know that there ARE alternatives to the iphone out there. You can pick up a good iphone alternative for under $100 and even under $50 ! Add to that the fact you can get free apps and you are pretty much laughing all the way to the bank !

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