Everyone ‘should donate organs’ post mortem, UK chief medical fellow says

This suggestion sounds like a proper body recycling to me: Everyone should be seen as a potential organ donor on their death unless they expressly request not to be, England’s chief medical officer says. Sir Liam Donaldson calls for a system of “presumed consent” to be introduced to tackle chronic shortages of organs.

Only 20% of the population – or 13 million – are on the register, despite the fact that surveys showed that as many as 70% of people wanted to donate their organs after death.

Because so many people die in manner which makes them unsuitable donors, the pool of potential donors must be substantially larger than the numbers waiting for organs – currently nearly 8,400.

Sir Liam added that the gap between the number of people coming onto the waiting list and those coming off after receiving successful transplants was widening all the time.

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