Nature’s Superb Many Worlds Retro Cartoon Cover, quantum physics and SF

The current issue of Nature looks like something especially targeted for geeks with a high end content. Consider again the role of comics in science popularization. Is this Nature, not Wired?
From the Editor’s Summary: “Yes, this is Nature. The cover art, by David Parkins, salutes a big year for quantum physics: 50 years ago, Hugh Everett III proposed what came to be known as the ‘many worlds’ hypothesis. He took quantum physics at face value, and imagined what it really meant. He aimed to resolve the paradoxes of quantum theory by allowing every possible outcome to every event to exist in its own world. In a News Feature, Mark Buchanan reports on modern reactions to the ‘many worlds’ idea…. Life sciences also have their place in this fiction-inspired issue and the whole is brought together in an Editorial.”

Nature’s Many Worlds Retro Cartoon Cover

I first heard about the Many-World interpretation of quantum mechanics (proposed by Hugh Everett III) as a philosophy undergrad writing a bigger essay on the modal realism of my favourite analytic philosopher David Lewis. This philosophical-logical theory argues that possible worlds are as real and irreducible as the actual world.