Science Hacker: my Nature Network miniblog

science hackerI started Science Hacker (sometimes I rename it to Biotech Geek depending on the post) on Nature Network in May and at the present moment you can find there post excerpts out of Pimm. But I plan to fill it with an original content too and my first de novo post there is: Would you invite your supervisor to Nature Network?

From the post: The basic line of invitation to NN currently is probably the invitation of people in the same rank (grad to grad, postdoc to postdoc) and fewer invitations are sent to people higher in the academic hierarchy than of the invitator. But in order to make NN an everyday and useful web destination it would be advisable to invite academic people from every chronological age and hierarchical level….

My default blog home will be staying Pimm.

One thought on “Science Hacker: my Nature Network miniblog

  1. Hi, any scientist (or person in science related field) can start a blog on nature network and we welcome all levels of scientist bloggers. If you go to the nature network site you can click on the “request a blog” button and we’ll set you up (we might ask you if you are a scientist).

    Possibly what you may have identified is more of a “blogging mentality” among the younger scientists than the older? 😉

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