Moving to New Orleans, starting a new life…and finding an apartment

I’ve already made some hints here, but now it is “official”: we (the new family) are moving to New Orleans on the 16th, June and I start my first postdoc job in a terrific laboratory I’ve already visited back in March.

We have only one problem left: finding a proper appartment in New Orleans from the next week. My main source here is: Mapskrieg, New Orleans, that is Craigslist combined with Google Maps: but at that point I really need personal advices.

So if anyone out of the readers has an irresistible apartment offer, or a good apartment tip please do not hesitate to contact me at [attilacsordas][at][]

4 thoughts on “Moving to New Orleans, starting a new life…and finding an apartment

  1. There is a place near e fr rent on Perrer St in Uptown New Orleans. Good, safe neighborhood, 2 block from Tuoro Hosp and 2 blocks from the parades come Carnival time. The phone number on the sign in front is 504887-2328 and the place rents for 1K/month. (Its in the 3800 block of Perrier).

    Much as I hate to admit it, the private security that patrols the neighborhood was a definite plus when my wife and I were looking. It is NOT a gated community or any such stupidity, but there is a regular private patrol as well as the nearly useless NOPD.

    It would be nice to up the geek quotient in the neighborhood. ..

  2. Sounds like you’re in town now, Attila. If you are, I’d spend some time just driving up and down Prytania and its cross-streets between St. Charles and Magazine from Napoleon to Jefferson. If you look at those streets I mentioned on a map, you’ll see that they make a kinda crescent square. You’ll find the best deals(things that never make the local paper or craigslist) by calling numbers you see posted on signs in the yard.

    I know there are several in the neighborhood around where Loki mentioned.

  3. Congrats Attila!
    new life new city new lab
    i’ll wondering if id it Prockop lab?
    wish you great luck in new place

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