Uncensored gmail chat between 2 science bloggers on adult issues

me: Hi Bora, can you send me the Nature piece on the Blogging Anthology?
I am not in the Institute and do not have subscription
Sent at 8:58 PM on Wednesday
me: cheers 🙂
Bora: No problem. Thanks.
me: wait that is some old stuff.
Published online: 22 January 2007; | doi:10.1038/news070122-I’ve read that

I have in mind the current one: Bloggers unite p779
Paul Stevenson reviews The Open Laboratory: The Best Writing on Science Blogs 2006
Full Text | PDF (207K)
See also: Editor’s summary
Bora: Wow! That is news to me!
me: ok, who posts first? 🙂
do you have access to it right now?

Bora: No. I should have it in minutes/hour as soon as one of the sciblings check the forums and sees my query.
me: ok
I am curious how positive, or critical it is
Sent at 9:04 PM on Wednesday
Bora: http://neurophilosophy.wordpress.com/2007/06/13/open-laboratory-reviewed-in-nature/
me: good
Sent at 9:07 PM on Wednesday
me: I think, the science blogosphere now reached its adult stage

Bora: The difference between today and just a year ago is striking. It is much more mature.
me: 2010: science blogging goes mainstream
2007-08-09 alternative adulthood

Bora: 2020? Earlier than that, I bet.

meant 2010.
me: it depends on what do you mean by “mainstream”

a generation must grow up and on the web, one generation time is about 3-4 years

Bora: Yup. I mean regarded as legitimate news and opinion sources on par with MSM, and perhaps on par with popular science magazines, if not with peer-reviewed literature yet.
Sent at 9:14 PM on Wednesday
me: yes, that is a good measure (legitimate news and opinion sources and pop sci zines)
a measure I’ve thought about was: the ratio of grad/postdoc students who has and has not a blog
one thing is legitimation and the other is penetration
first we need penetration in order to get legitimation or something like that
I think I’ll blog this chat if you accept it
Bora: For that I agree it will take longer, and even longer until it becomes a legitimate plus on one’s CV for getting jobs, promotions, tenure…

Yes, please blog about it – I am busy and willing to link to what others are writing about more than write anything myself 🙂
me: that’s my situation too, but this is a full post we produced

Bora: Go for it!

me: ok that’s it for today, we have guests coming, see you later

Bora: Later

Sent at 9:18 PM on Wednesday

me: What if I publish it uneditedly right now with the title “Uncensored gmail chat between 2 science bloggers on adult issues” ? 🙂

Bora: OK, no problem.

Sent at 9:23 PM on Wednesday

3 thoughts on “Uncensored gmail chat between 2 science bloggers on adult issues

  1. Haha, that was cool. Sort of voyeuristic.

    The underlying message is quite true. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now. Before that I was an avid blog reader and I’ve noticed more and more science blogs show up on the radar. Most of them only in 2007.

    Now with all the social networking going on with Nature and company, I think it’s a question of time before this goes mainstream.

    Regarding the number of undergrad/grad students with blogs, I’ll take a guess for Portugal student population at about 2% (considering blogs related to science, obviously). And even that figure is a bit of a stretch!

  2. His voice is so soft in WCIT that it’s wrenching. So, I’ve never seen him live. Do you think I could “handle” doing a VIP? With all the trepidation that I have of making a total fool of myself

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