The Niche: The Stem Cell Blog hosted by Nature Stem Cell Reports

How many fine niche stem cell blogs do you know? 4-3-2-1? How many with an attractive, easy to remember name? 0? Good, short, actual and proper blog names are rare. Let me introduce you The Niche which intends to become THE Stem Cell Blog in the niche of the niches. It is the newest Nature blog hosted by the also newly launched Nature Reports Stem Cells “to provide an informal forum for debate and commentary on stem cell research and its wider implications for ethics, policy, business, and medicine.”


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4 thoughts on “The Niche: The Stem Cell Blog hosted by Nature Stem Cell Reports

  1. Casey Nabavi and Cellulogix Biosciences currently are treating with stem cells in Zona Rio, Mexico, and Istanbul Turkey. They will be operational in Germany, Russia, as well as Cabo San Lucas in the early part of 2009.

  2. I’d like to invite you to The (other) Stem Cell Blog!
    Long name, I know but with ~1,000 posts and my involvement in the stem cell industry since 2004, perhaps there is something of value in there. 😉 I would love to form a strategic alliance with you to cross promote both of our sites, openly steal articles from each other and increase awareness and education on the subject of stem cells. Give me a shout anytime at

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