Nature Reports Stem Cells is live from now on…for stem cell enthusiasts

No more waiting: Nature Reports Stem Cells (NRSC) launched today, and so finally there is a fully web native, scientifically high-end (naturally), freely accessible, all-in-one stem cell research hub site for everyone (especially for the researchers) to read, share, contribute and turn the acquired insights back into new experiments, policies, ethics, businesses and clinical trials.


Edited by the devoted small team Natalie DeWitt (Editor at Large), Monya Baker (News Editor) and Jessica Kolman (Editorial Assistant), based in Nature’s San Francisco office, California (where else?) NRSC has a bunch of usual and unusual ways: news, featured editor, journal club with user recommended articles and voting system, interviews, events and the really exciting and experimental Insider the paper section. From the first editorial of NRSC: Inside the Paper posts edited discussions between authors and reviewers during peer review. Such transparency should not only deepen readers’ understandings of individual research publications, it will expose the workings of peer review itself. In the coming months, we plan to launch a Toolbox section will aggregate information on stem-cell protocols, reagents, and cell lines that would otherwise require trawling through literature or having serendipitous conversations at conferences.”


I hope that Nature Reports Stem Cells will be as important as the N.I.H. and C.I.R.M. web pages out of the web based stem cell and regmed sources. And as NRSC is planned to be a community based and interactive enterprise it fits better with the current user generated web technologies and ideas than the other 2.

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