Industry and career focused stem cell report in the current Nature volume

Positively tuned (for the most part) report on stem cell science by Ricki Lewis: The hard cell Nature 447, 748-749 (June 2007) Excerpts, emphasis added by me:

research in the field is thriving globally. At least 500 companies and collaborations have sprung up, 100 of them in the past year alone

A solid background for a researcher includes a doctorate in molecular, cell or developmental biology, as well as skills to work with specific cell or tissue types…

Positions may call for broad skills. For example, …a post needs expertise in gene-expression analysis and monitoring, establishing and expanding cell cultures and working with tissue scaffolding. Some positions seek experience with specific cell lineages.

Stem-cell science is gestating quietly in small biotech companies and academic–clinical alliances.

The downside of stem-cell science at a biotech firm is the directed focus. Most small companies are venture-capital funded, so there is pressure not to do experiments that may show only an incremental change.

6 thoughts on “Industry and career focused stem cell report in the current Nature volume

  1. Hello!
    I am opening up a legal stem cell therapy clinic and lab in Cancun, Mexico. I am looking for someone who has experience in the same areas that your ad asks for…. How do I get started with you folks?

  2. Hello Attila,
    The website is still under construction but can be viewed. As to the lab, we will be using the right equipment needed to establish and maintain the highest degree of sterility associated with a tissue culture lab. We need a consultant….someone who can steer us in the right direction. We will be opening the clinic in the early fall of 2007.
    Thank you,

  3. Hi Pauline: I am into hESCs for commercial applications. I am very interested in exploring any help I can give you. Growing and maintaining stem cells is my expertise. I will be happy to collaborate with ou in your can cun project. Please send an email at the above as I may not be able to access this blog soon.

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