What Google Universal Search’s first 30 results know about “biotech blog”

Everyday web users are strongly adapted to a situation in which 99% of their information comes from the first 30 results of a Google Search (the first 3 pages with divine power, if the setting is 10 results/page). And they are strongly believe the results are significant in most cases. Right? So let us check now the first 30 results (in English language) of the newly introduced Google Universal Search for the term “biotech blog”. The 11-13 results for me (warning: the result positions could vary due to different settings and countries and also personalized search) are the following…



Let us give some attention to the 13th result (which is a mid-aristocratic position), which is a YouTube video with terrible sound quality. Do you think that this content is significant for you if you are hunting for some good “biotech blog” results?


2 thoughts on “What Google Universal Search’s first 30 results know about “biotech blog”

  1. I’m in the 50-60 grouping. Not good.

    I can’t even make out the voices. What are they talking about? I googled the woman’s name, but gave up.

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