Everything Technorati knows about life extension

As you might know Technorati, the premiere blog search engine was redesigned about a week ago, and now it is intended to be a more universal search engine which is mirrored in the current subtitle on the page: “Zillions of photos, videos, blogs and more.”

Here is what you can find after typing the term “life extension” into the search field:


The question is whether it is enough or not enough for the users desperately seeking relevant information (see blog post 1) and desperately avoiding irrelevant information (see blog post 2)?

2 thoughts on “Everything Technorati knows about life extension

  1. That’s funny, but note the little “View all” link at the bottom of that list. It increases the hit rate substantially, to 69,662.

    Judging from those search results, however, it doesn’t sound like the quest to avoid irrelevant information is going to get any easier as a result.

    Also, it’s not at all clear why those three hits were chosen from among all those others…file another one under “Technorati sucks.”

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