Anthony Atala on regenerative medicine at New Yorker’s 2012 conference

Dr. Anthony Atala of pluripotent amniotic fluid-derived stem cell and tissue engineered bladder fame gave a presentation on Regenerative Medicine at the 2007 New Yorker Conference “2012: Stories from the Near Future”.

Atala, the director of the Biopolis-like huge Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine with circa 150 people, talks amongst others on the differences amongst embryonic, placental and adult stem cells, the differences between the tissue engineering of solid organs (kidney) and hollow organs (bladder) and on the five-year follow-up careful strategy behind the successful tissue engineered products. Here are some slides of the presentation in the order of appearance:


3 thoughts on “Anthony Atala on regenerative medicine at New Yorker’s 2012 conference

  1. As the Editor in Chief of the journal Stem Cells and Development, I personally thank you for posting this story and summary of Dr. Atala’s presentation and work. This is a fascinating area of hope and discovery and Dr. Atala’s contributions in both research and dissemination of information have promoted awareness of what is now happening and what we may expect stem cell research continues. Your coverage is appreciated by both the scientific and lay communities. I hope you continue in this responsible manner.

    Denis English, Ph.D.

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