The power links of the mitochondriologist focusing on human mitochondrial genetics

human circular mitochondrial genomeI am hanging around stem cells all the time, while there are as many interesting things happening with mitochondria too. So I asked my former supervisor, Gábor Zsurka excellent mitochondrial geneticist (especially on mitochondrial DNA recombination in human skeletal muscle) to email me his main web sources in the field in order to share. Here they are with some analysis and a nice graphics (circular human mitochondrial genome, details in the links below) from Gábor.

1. mtDB – Human Mitochondrial Genome Database Absolute number one, although mostly just a sequence collection.

2. Organelle Genome Resources Rather useful, unfortunately there are not many tools at hand to get highly processed data.

3. Compilation of mammalian mitochondrial tRNA genes. Quite old, not updated but especially useful when you have mitochondrial mutations suspected with pathological tendencies. Figures are informative.

4. GOBASE Manual – The Organelle Genome Database I found them amongst my links, I used the database a long time ago.

5. Mitomap – Genome database of polymorphisms and mutations of the human mitochondrial DNA It was the standard source back in the 90s, not regularly updated but unavoidable. I am not satisfied with it.