Recharging your laptop with broadcasting power through the air

powercastThat’s what the geeky population of the world is waiting for a long time: Powercast‘s dime-size receiver embedded in any low voltage device can turn radio waves into DC voltage coming from a transmitter in a wall.

The soul of the product is John Shearer’s invention. “He figured much of the energy bouncing off walls could be captured. All you had to do was build a receiver that could act like a radio tuned to many frequencies at once. “I realized we wanted to grab that static and harness it,” Shearer says. “It’s all energy.””

First line of wireless chargers: cell phones, lighting, peripherals like mouse and keyboard, handhelds by the end of 2008.

Within five years: laptops!!!! This could be the solution for the most frustrating laptop nightmare: the Battery problem.

Source: Business 2.0: Death of the cell phone charger

Now imagine a fully wireless laboratory realistically for the first time, when all the data and power are flowing through the air: Wi-Fi access points and charger hotspots cover all the useful lab area, so you can send your data right out of the microscope besides the cell culture hood while every power-heavy lab tool is constantly recharging.

4 thoughts on “Recharging your laptop with broadcasting power through the air

  1. 70% efficiency, not including the energy to change the electricity into radio waves and back, doesn’t sound like something I want to use. That and people will leave the power supply on all the time (even when its not needed), thus increasing their energy use and pollution.

  2. This technology was first invented by Nichola Tesla not this hack John Shearer patented early 1900’s

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