1 year Blogiversary of Pimm – worst of, best of

bestworstofPimm launched 1 year ago, and now it’s time to say a big “Thank you” to you, readers. In order to avoid the typical self-evangelism of bloggers and in the spirit of radical transparency I compiled a worst of Pimm and a best of Pimm, the latter is a list of my favourite 2 posts (sometimes 3) month by month.

Worst post: Geldof in a stem cell centre and declining fertility

Worst managed feature: linkroll (just look at right)

Worst design: About page

Worst month of Pimm: June, 2006 = no posts

Worst quality illustration: Pimm logo, first version: when bits meet molecules

Most popular worst post: Rumors on Amatokin: a skin stem cell wrinkle cream?

Favourite posts month by month not in term of statistics but in terms of ideas:

May, 2006: Stem cells and regenerative medicine (very short introduction) and Why do we have the right to partially immortalize ourselves, if it is possible?

July, 2006: 3 hypothetic cost stages of continuous regeneration treatment and Mitochondria, the not so hidden superstars of current life sciences

August, 2006: Google’s coming out in biotech: when and why? and Who will be the first completely regenerated i.e. partially immortalized person?

September, 2006: Moral, instrumental, human rights: framework for pimm philosophy and Can partial immortalization be permissible to those who can buy it?

October, 2006: Science: video protocols can help to share the tacit dimension and First full-time biotech employee at Google BioLabs

November, 2006: Sand Hill Road Venture Capitalist about life extension as business and Maximum Life CEO David Kekich: the investment strategy of life extension

December, 2006: Redifferentiating brain tumour stem cells: the concept of cancer regenerative medicine and The story of my life&extension commitment

January, 2007: 2007 Edge Optimistic Question: systemic regenerative medicine and How would you define the regenerative potential of a tissue/organ? and How to filter and read PubMed articles through RSS feeds?

February, 2007: 23andMe: the early bird of web based biotech startups and An argument supporting systemic regenerative medicine as a life extension tool and Bone marrow derived adult stem cells: which way to go?

March, 2007: Let’s make ’supplementary’ peer-review scientific videos free and youtubish! and Nature Publishing Editor on the idea of a public scientific multimedia site

April, 2007: Life extension: body hack and/or life hack? and What does a good laboratory homepage look like? Show me at least one!

Most popular post: How to isolate amniotic stem cells from the placenta, at home!

5 thoughts on “1 year Blogiversary of Pimm – worst of, best of

  1. 1 year! I’m amazed how many science bloggers have started blogging within the last 12 months!

    Happy anniversary 😉

  2. Attila,

    Congratulations! Now you if you can manage both the blog and the marriage……

    On a related topic, I would be interested to heard what people are doing for Electronic Notebooks. I admit that I tried a few options electronically, but have fallen back to the old black book. My hand writing is illegible and you can’t attach figures, data, etc without a staple or scotch tape.

    I’d like to know if anyone has a viable solution, which does lead into your Lab Webpage mentality. Just asking,


  3. Thanks everybody. Lizfrog: you hit the nail on the head, I am phantasizing about good apps for life scientists too, post is coming on that…(I also had serious handwriting problems, in the elementary school I was always asked to help my teachers to decode my writings.)

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