Who wants to host the best laboratory website competition?

weblab awardsWe have many candidates now for good laboratory websites due to the post What does a good laboratory homepage look like? Show me at least one!

All we need is an organizer, an institution (academies, universities, science publishing groups, research institutes, biotech firms, IT companies, rich science freak private people…) someone who can host this Web Lab Awards, and offer proper awards to motivate the lab site makers and put the whole life science community into a geek mode.

Yes, it sounds like marketing, or whatever but as Larry Page highlighted “Science has a really serious marketing problem and nobody pays attention to that since none of the marketers work for science. If all the growth in world is due to science and technology and no one pays attention to you, then you have a serious marketing problem.

So dear awardhosting-able official people: contact me at [attilacsordas][at][gmail.com] Thanks.

Blogxperiment: science article popularization with Contents

The question of the blogxperiment series is: What are the good ways to summarize peer-review articles for a more general readership and transmit scholarly knowledge and literature? After showing an abstract and some graphics of a sample review on mitochondrial fusion and division apparatus here I wonder whether the simple copy of the Contents is enough to generate curiosity in what follows. It is a logical, academic and encyclopedic way, just like the abstract, though not too exciting.


Now did you become interested in mitochondrial network dynamics?