Rebuilding mentality at Tulane University, New Orleans

When Hurricane Katrina came in, many researchers left Tulane University. Many efforts have been made since then to reestablish the strong academic research community. These are exactly the times, when new people with new drives enter.

The following sentences are from the letter of Laura S. Levy Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and Associate Senior Vice President for Research at Tulane University published In Science 20 April 2007 issue with the title A Thank You from Tulane University

“It has been 19 months since Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Louisiana coastline, causing widespread destruction and prolonged flooding in New Orleans. Gulf Coast institutions continue to deal with the aftermath of the hurricane, but great progress has been made in reestablishing a vibrant competitive research community. At Tulane University, we have experienced a level of rebound and renewal beyond our expectations. I write to express gratitude to the academic community for the strong support that we received both during and after the storm.”

Picture: My shot of the Mississippi River from the height of Jackson Square.

Mississippi River from Jackson Square

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