Geeky marriage

I marry today so as the saying goes: posting will be light, more life and less extension of it. We try to use some geeky element during the marriage dinner: a short keynote presentation with a projector. Unfortunately I am not ready with the presentation (you can see one slide below) yet and I am not sure how crazy this idea is. For the music: an old 20 gig iPod is enough. Have a good weekend to you all.


14 thoughts on “Geeky marriage

  1. Szerencsekívánat, Glückwünsche, Mosltov, Cheers and Congratulations!

    So, are you still moving to the States after Graduation?

  2. Friends, blogger fellows: thank you very much to you all! Anna and Attila.
    P.S.: Of course the projector and MacBook communication did not work at all (the day before it did), problems with the DVI signal. When I booted from the Windows partition, there was an installing flash on the screen, but then again it failed. So the keynote was demonstrated one by one from the laptop to those interested.

  3. Thank you Jeff and Kevin, good to hear fine things on marriage from married people. Quite a new experience for me. Well, the first day was good, and the second one goes well… 🙂

  4. Congratulations. This may sound weird, but the best part about marriage was the ability to fight and not feel like we’re going to leave each other, which makes the arguments more productive (and much farther apart). Not that we argue that much; I hope you get the point.

    My friend worked a double helix into the border of her wedding announcement. I hope the slide show went well.

  5. i ma not marriage me but after few months i will understand what to do and how to do please help me you show the video then i understand this procedure okay

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