BioTech(nically), Business 2.0’s new biotech blog

Business 2.0 Blog Beta Network‘s new blog BioTech(nically) was launched written by Marie Cannizzaro who says about herself in the intro post, March 27: “Before joining Business 2.0, I wrote for Dow Jones VentureWire and Stanford Magazine. I have a degree in Human Biology with a concentration in Biotechnology and Bioethics from Stanford University.”


At the present moment, the blog is in an experimental condition, and it takes time for the blogger to form an idiosyncratic style with special topic selection and get a highly targeted stable audience. But as BioTech(nically) is a member of a very prestigious blog network of professional journalists, it is a superb advantage that could easily shorten the experimental period. Good luck to Marie and welcome to the emerging biotech blogdom.

Truth to be told: I would be really happy to do this biotech blog job for Business 2.0. In fact I did try to apply this job even when it was non-existing, but I was sure this fits into Business 2.0’s web and high tech focused profile. 🙂 Here are some sentences from my pushy mail to Erick Schonfeld, from October, 2006 with the subject: joining Business 2.0 Beta as a biotech blogger: “I found the Business 2.0 Beta aggregator idea fascinating but what I really missed out of the blogs you have is an uptodate and cool biotech-regmed blog. So I would like to ask if I can join your blog-network as a biotech general, and regenerative medicine in particular blogger. As I am a professional lab rat, I had an insight which could be valuable along journalist lines too.” Unfortunately the blog network at that time was limited to B2.0 staffers out of clear policy reasons as it is a blog network of a traditional journal, so the answer was not a yes.

4 thoughts on “BioTech(nically), Business 2.0’s new biotech blog

  1. Oh… they should have given you a try 🙂 You certainly have the know-how and the incentive to spread the news 🙂

  2. Thanks, Rick. Well, that was last October and now I would be really reluctant to abandon the independent Pimm for the sake of a corporate blog work even if it is as quality a network as B2. Although you can never be sure what attracting offer is waiting for you.

  3. I’m actually amazed by the quality of your blog. Since I started reading it, I’ve found it is getting better and better.
    And some of the subjects you get into just make me feel that I have so much still to learn 😉

    Keep up the great work!

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