Blogxperiment: What are the good ways to summarize peer-review articles?

In future posts I’d like to do a blogxperiment based on comments feedback. My general question is: What is the best way to summarize peer-review articles for a more general readership and transmit scholarly knowledge and literature? What are the opportunities used in blog posts? Figures, abstracts, dense citations, other summarize options, journalist lingo, superficial metasentences, more original contributions from the blogger? My sample article will be a review first, not an original publication on mitochondrial division: The Machines that Divide and Fuse Mitochondria

And simply start the experiment with the abstract:


I also might have asked: What are the good ways to popularize peer-review articles?

2 thoughts on “Blogxperiment: What are the good ways to summarize peer-review articles?

  1. This is a great question, and I struggle with it myself when I post about peer-review articles. Translating research into something that is understandable and enjoyable article is one of the great challenges to Science. Unfortunately, the divide between the average American reader and the specialized researcher is getting bigger everyday.

    So here are some of my thoughts:
    First, the reader has to have some interest, some connection to the material being presented. If they don’t have that interest they won’t read or remember, no matter how well the article is written.

    Second, I believe that formatting makes a big difference. I like to use a grabbing title, insert a few simple and obvious graphics, and highlight important sentences in bold.

    And third, I try to use everyday conversational English and avoid using scientific lingo unless I include a definition.

    Those are just a few thoughts I had!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer that question. I am summarizing my first peer reviewed journal article & don’t have a clue as to where to start. Your simple suggestions are encouraging to my success on this paper.
    smiles, Lori K.

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