Vint Cerf and a flicker of cerfology

Today I visited a presentation of Vint Cerf, whose work in the 70s on the nascent Internet Protocols, like TCP/IP became historical. Mr. Cerf serves as “Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist” of Google, and he has mainly a brand maintaining and popularizer role. Unfortunately he wasn’t asked about his activity on InterPlaNetary Internet Project but I really liked his slide on the first ever 4 processors interconnected as the initial ARPANET between UCLA, Stanford University of California, Santa Barbara and University of Utah‘s Graphics Department. My question to Mr. Cerf was: What is the biggest scalability problem at Google and at the Internet just right now, out of which he answered the latter, although I haven’t processed it fully yet. Picture: My MacBook shot, when Cerf explains Google Earth‘s user-generated level.