Edmonton Aging (Life Extension Technologies) Symposium starts, March 30-31.

The Edmonton Aging Symposium starts today. Based on the program and speakers you can expect hot debates: Huber Warner, Aubrey de Grey, Irina Conboy, Amit Patel, Judith Campisi. I hope that the discussions will be hot, clarifying, perspective and scale conscious (quantitative enough), backed by strict scientific arguments.

edmonton aging symp

The organizing principle of the sessions seems to be individual SENS points with an emphasis on the “Too few cells” problem, i.e. stem cells and tissue regeneration:

1) Too Few Cells
2) Too Many Cells
3) Chromosomal DNA Mutations
4) Mitochondrial DNA Mutations
5) Junk Inside Cells
6) Junk Outside Cells
7) Protein X-Links

As my 2 main research topics are stem cells and mitochondria, I would like to highlight 2 presentations:

Irina Conboy of UC, Berkeley: Conservation of Aging Within Stem Cell Niches

Bernard Lemire: Mitochondria – Central Players in Longevity

media coverage: Scientists try to answer age-old query: Should people live longer?