How much do you think a scientific blog post is worth (in US dollars)?

Ok, this is the question I asked yesterday at LinkedIn Question&Answers service: How much do you think a scientific blogpost article of 300 words is worth (in US dollars)?

3 thoughts on “How much do you think a scientific blog post is worth (in US dollars)?

  1. The Linked In link doesn’t seem to be working and I couldn’t even find your question by searching. I’ve been meaning to go check out their new service, so thanks for posting this.

    BTW, my answer based solely on my Google adsense revenue to date: about $0.47/post. I’m hoping that changes and/or my new blog results in a job offer because blogging sure it sucking up a lot of my free time.

  2. Hi Brian, thanks for the revenue info. What I have in mind is a journalist type blogging work for a scientific website.
    The LinkedIn link is good, but I think you must register first.

  3. I am registered and the link isn’t working for me. I just searched for you and the question isn’t listed under the questions you asked (just the one about the amount of transplanted stem cells). The $0.47 was a joke (sort of). I would hope that the rate would be about $30+/post since it takes about an hour to write that length of a post, but, in reality, since science is a niche market, it’s hard to make money from advertisers. So, I’m not sure you could make that much.

    I sent you a linked-in network request.

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