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go greenUpon a discussion with Anna 1 month ago, the question arised whether life extension might be interpreted as a green idea. She offered, that if people have the opportunity to extend their life significantly, paralell with this situation they find themselves in a more or less environmentalist position. Now back 2 steps: the question of environmentalism concerning life extension emerges 3fold:

1. the very technology of life extension is green enough,

2. the consequences of grand scale life extension are pro or antigreen (the overemphasized overpopulation topic), and

3. attitudes, mentality, psyhce of would be life extended people

I guess Anna thought of the latter, mentality tpye environmentalism: if we are extended, we take care of our environment more since its value will multiply with the bigger scale.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Extension of life in green

  1. I think that in Utopia, this altruistic world view may be the case, I am concern, though, that the prospect of extended life would push along a sort of “Social Darwinism”, whereby the elite would have disproportionate access to the technology. That class of society is not frequently linked to the Green movement. I believe that the establishment of an extended life society would tend to stabilize the population, thus putting less strain on the natural environment as humans become more efficient in the conversion of raw materials into usable goods.

  2. Full fledged life extension (and space technology) would in principle also enable those who have access to it to put all the things onto a sufficiently large spaceship and go on floating forever and ever, and leave our planet to be destroyed by the less fortunate of us. So I’m afraid that unfortunately there isn’t any direct link of the third type between life extension and environmentalism.

  3. Lizfrog, please read this Wired article: Rise of The Neo-Greens: “Solar panels on the roof. Hybrid car in the garage. Organic-cotton clothes in the closet. Today’s eco-radicals are voting with their dollars.” There are upper class greens and conscious green technology is becoming more expensive, so their numbers will grow. This is also an answer for Gyuri: yes, there is not any direct link now, but chance is that in the future this could be the case. Take a look at Silicon Valley’s venture capitalists for example Khosla Ventures, and My Big Biofuels Bet.
    Gyuri: Your thought experiment’s possible world scenario is a little bit too far away I guess. Think about family ties for instance.

  4. I admit that there is a chance in the future, however I think the term green technology should be used to those innovations that are created in order to replace old planet-destructive ones. Life extension can be environment friendly, but not green, since it’s advancement is independent from the existence of our planet, or biodiversity etc., though clearly depends on the existence of the human(like) race. This is what the dumb sci-fi was intended to be about.

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