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batterycapacity11 hour ago a new battery moved into my old first generation MacBook, and it’s nobattinfonewbattw in Cycle One. I replaced the old guy (10 months old), because its Current Battery Capacity was constantly under 80% comparing to the Original Battery Capacity measured by mAH (Milliamp Hours) and worse the whole OS X was shut down (49 times out of 50) at around 30% Current Battery Charge when AC power is off. I was told, that when the Capacity of a MacBook battery under 400 complete load Cycle is constantly under 80% of the initial state, then it must be replaced by the manufacturer. Left are some saved data measured with battery information app Coconut Battery. You can also check the status of your Battery, the Full Charge Capacity (=Current Battery Capacity) from the OS X System Profiler, right is a screen on the new guy with a 97% (=5094mAh). From now on I’ll publish here the inner life of my MacBook sometimes, because it deserves the publicity due to the interest of Mac Users.

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  1. On a MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz at 319 charge cycles my full charge capacity is 2,238 mAh. I called Apple today and was told that any battery over 300 charges is not eligible for replacement under warranty, and that Apple would consider my present capacity “normal depletion.” Is that in line with what is know to be true and accurate? Can I make a case with Apple for warranty replacement?

  2. i have a macbook, i just replaced the battery after only 6 months use and the new one is just as crap. the system profiler is telling me it is good condition but i can’t even watch one movie from start to finnish. what is going on?????

  3. I am looking to replace my battery ( MacBook black) and would like to know if there is a difference between an battery purchased from Apple and third party suppliers.

  4. “whole OS X was shut down (49 times out of 50) at around 30% Current Battery Charge when AC power
    is off”

    I had the same issue on my mom’s laptop but I didn’t know could be the battery, mine was shutting down at around 20%..

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