Competitive strength of California Institutions measured by stem cell grants

Press Release of California Institute of Regenerative Medicine: LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2007 – “Just a month after approving nearly $45 million for embryonic stem cell research, California’s stem cell agency authorized another $75.7 million in additional funds for established scientists at 12 non-profit and academic institutions.”

With this latest round of CIRM donation more than $158 million has been approved for research grants at 23 California institutions. From this table below (from the press release) we can guess the competitive strengths of the universities and research institutes:

Californian Stem Cell Institution Hierarchy

The positions of Stanford, UCSF and Burnham were not a revelation for me, but to my surprise UCSD, UCLA and UCI ranks were very high, while UC Berkeley’s roughly 3.5 million grants seemed a little bit low as of Scripps Institute. I guess that the position of California Institute of Technology will be more intense in gaining stem cell grants.