Where are the good stem cell labs in New York City?

I have the opportunity to travel to the United States in early March. As I’ll be in New York City for some days I’d like to visit several good stem cell labs, but I do not know where these labs are in the Big Apple and whom to contact? Unfortunately a short Google period did not help me a lot in this respect, I don’t know why. Would you be kind enough to help me and offer some? Human filters are the best, when you need strongly selected contextual information.

3 thoughts on “Where are the good stem cell labs in New York City?

  1. Attila,

    I would start with Dr Fuchs at Rockefeller University [ http://www.rockefeller.edu/stemcell/ ]. They look like they’re doing some good work and recently got a bit of press: http://www.biologynews.net/archives/2007/02/12/scientists_clone_mice_from_adult_skin_stem_cells.html

    If you are able to stray a bit further, Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island is perpetually a leader in research. And, of course, MIT & Harvard are only a short drive away in Mass., I believe less than a 2 hour drive, although I am not an expert in this region of the country.

  2. Thank you, good tips. For me it seems, that most stem cell related research is focusing on neuroscience in NYC. Cold Spring Harbor: exciting historical place. Boston: I’d love too see it, but I’ll have only 3 full days for New York, so hard to balance.

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