Disruptor candidate stem cell therapies

disruptorstem cellqStem cell therapies are likely to be disruptive treatments for the following medical sectors according to the Stem Cell Market Analysis Fact Sheet:

What is interesting in the following list: all the target tissues are of mesodermal origin.

Total knee implants: Stem cell therapies that repair worn articular or meniscus cartilage will delay and potentially reduce the need for total knee replacement surgery

Sports medicine: Stem cell therapies will extend the continuum of care for “weekend warriors.” It is highly likely that stem cell therapies will become the standard of care for torn meniscus or damaged articular cartilage

Heart muscle repair following heart attacks

Vascularization: To improve flow of blood by stimulating growth of new capillaries and vessels to the heart muscle

• Use of bone marrow transplants: stem cell therapies significantly reduce the effects of graft vs. host disease in patients with transplants.

• Treating the broad range of inflammation in the human body.