Stem Cell Therapy Market, US, 2005-2016: do you believe this?

This extrapolation is from the inforich and insider Stem Cell Market Analysis Fact Sheet of the 2nd Annual Stem Cell Summit, February 12-13 at San Diego, happening now.


Other important facts concerning the Stem Cell Therapy Market in the U.S.:

o Number of patients treated in 2006 the United States with stem cell products for orthopedic, cardiovascular, dental, aesthetic, oncologic or other indications: 5,900

• Current Applications for Stem Cell Products
o Replacement for bone harvesting in spine fusion surgery
o Bone growth and void fill in fresh fractures
o Bone growth and void fill in non-union fractures

• Stem Cell Products Expected to be Approved by the FDA in the Coming 36 Months
o Prochymal (treatment for graft vs. host disease)
o Two (possibly three) treatments for damaged heart muscle due to heart disease
o Chondrogen (repair of knee cartilage)

• Market for Stem Cell Products
o Patient population in the United States for whom existing stem cell therapies are applicable: 2.5 million +

13 thoughts on “Stem Cell Therapy Market, US, 2005-2016: do you believe this?

  1. I believe the growth rate will be a lot less even, and will not go under 100% AGT as it is shown after 2010, quite on the contrary – once stem cell therapy reaches mums on a grand scale. What I see as a potential and very rough future scenario (maybe naive) is the following:
    there will be a huge media wave, followed by a striking upsurge in demand, and, simulatenously, a rush to develop the necessary infrastructure for stem cell therapy (also the administrative background).
    Media wave is bound to reach mothers, and, I guess, mums are strong decision-makers in family health business (at least in Hungary, and in several European countries) just like in shopping.

  2. You can buy the full report at for a mere $2,995.00. Looks like they’ve pulled the PDF Attila linked to.

  3. Yeah, it was a horrible sum and the pdf was eliminated. I’ll blog one more interesting part of it, on the major stem cell companies in the U.S. with many additional infos. I got the permission. 🙂

  4. Hi,

    I would like to cite the above market data on stem cell applications, as well as the number of 5900 patients treated with such therapies in 2006 in the US, in a paper I am writing on a work I did with stem cells. Would anybody know what exactly the source of the above data is?
    I would definitely appreciate your reply / help. Regards from Germany,


  5. I said this 7 years ago, and no one listened.

    You all are sheep, looking for magic leaders, and guess what?

    They are lying to you.

  6. Jonas:

    That would be “what the above data are?”
    In any event, does it matter? Stem cell therapy doesn’t work and shows no sign of working any time soon.

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