aging information from a systems biology perspective

grailsearchCheck out, which was started at the end of January and is hosted by software engineer Jim Craig with a deep interest in aging and bioinformatics. Grailsearch is a “community web portal intended for use by biogerontologists, students of biogerontology, software engineers, biochemists or anyone else interested in working towards the search for systems solutions to the diseases of aging.” Jim was interviewed at Pimm in November, 2006, and said that: “I have adopted life extension as a hobby. I now study microbiology, proteomics and molecular design about 20 hours per week and plan to guide the next 20-40 years of my career through bioinformatics and eventually into de novo drug design with an emphasis on aging solutions.”
The initial set of blog posts on the site seems really exciting for the multi-disciplined systems biologists of the future. As my point of view on indefinite life extension technology is systemic regenerative medicine, I am strongly committed to all the computational based large scale model approaches and quantitative aspects of the human body on which I had an interesting correspondence with Jim last year.

With Grailsearch the geeky IT side of aging research and life extension has at last got a quality representative on the web!

2 thoughts on “ aging information from a systems biology perspective

  1. Grailsearch has the dictim: contribute or die. Unfortunately, dual contributations of yes, good, but also bad, nonsense; are typically
    host edited out or never appear. Leaving only ‘approved’ contributors
    with input that never gets refined or so generalized to be ‘lets find a balance’ to understand aging! A good start, but a overly dictatored site.

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