Virgin’s Branson and stem cell banking

BBC News: “Virgin founder Richard Branson is set to launch a company which will let families bank and store stem cells from their child’s umbilical cord.” Question: Why just umbilical cord blood cells, why not amniotic fluid derived stem cells, or amniotic placental stem cells which have a far more wider regenerative potential than cord blood cells according to recent studies?

Update: Nature News info: “There is, however, an issue regarding how long the cells can be stored — so far, the record for a successful transplant is eleven years after initial freezing in liquid nitrogen. Colin McGuckin, Professor of Regenerative Medicine at Newcastle University in the UK, notes that this may be a barrier to long-term use. “This is completely uncharted territory — we can’t say whether samples will or will not be useful.”

2 thoughts on “Virgin’s Branson and stem cell banking

  1. Good question Attila. That is exactly what my company hopes to be the first to do. I am not sure why no one else is doing it, yet. It has been obvious to me for a year, just taking some time to get it off the ground.

  2. Good luck to your company, there is a definite market gap on amniotic cells. One friend and I had similar thoughts in our minds one year ago, but I chose academic research repeatedly instead of industry. That’s why I could be open source now.

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