Terrific cell biology animation (decoded): a trailer now, and a video for all

One of the constant hits of Pimm is the Terrific Pixar-style Harvard animation on molecular biology. The early animation was full of riddles for the non-experts, since it lacked the informative narration, the act of naming, just like we were at the age of silent films. Not anymore! Thanks to alfredoalcalde the full video with narration was uploaded on January 13, 2007. Now all XVIVO (the makers of the animation) folks have to do is to write a whole script and sell it to Pixar-Disney in Hollywood, as they have a fantastic trailer now: The story of a single leukocyte hero who is preparing for a terrible inflammation through leukocyte extravasation, where at sites of inflammation and in normal immune surveillance, chemokines direct leukocyte migration across the endothelium….Success guaranteed, this trailer will be an all-time educational hit. Original link via Biosingularity.

Update: It turned out that Harvard considers the full length version of ‘Inner Life of the Cell’ a fully copyrighted work. So the video was removed.

You can view the whole movie here without legends and animation, so the riddle remains.

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