Who is your favourite web celeb? (weekend off)

walesForbes has another not too useful list on the top 25 web celebs. My favourite out of these persons is the guy on the picture: Jimmy Wales, the wiki(pedia) master. Why? First, as they wrote: “Only on the Web could an encyclopedia geek become a superstar.” That’s true. Second: Jimmy is an incredibly open minded person who realized early and completely the role of a community in a participatory culture. My special story concerning this: When Mr. Wales started his Campaigns Wikia website last summer, which is about participatory politics made by web users and wiki software for every web-competent person, he gave a promise, that he will visit any town when there are at least 5 people who signed up to be there. A local meetup schedule was set up last July and I signed up to the list and then some friends of mine have also signed up and then eventually 25 people were there on the list. And Jimbo kept his promise and wrote this on the Campaigns mail-list: “But the one that excites me the most is Budapest… 10 people signed up already, and this is not one that I organized or proposed. This is what I love about wiki and community…. good things start to happen all over. :)”

So what happened is that after San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston, the first Campaigns Wikia Meeting outside the United States was in Budapest, Europe and Jimmy had come and gave an informal presentation to around 40-50 people followed by a very interesting conversation. Now this I think is a powerful story on the power of community and participatory culture on the web. Here is one slide from his keynote:


From the mission statement of Campaigns Wikia: “It’s time for politics to become more intelligent, and for democracy to really involve the people. Broadcast media tells you what to think and doesn’t let you get involved. It’s time to focus on what you need, what you care about, and the messages you want to get out.”

For me the most interesting part of Campaigns Wikia was the possibility of geek politics. I had a concrete campaign offer in July to support life extension and regenerative medicine.

/Jimmy is also a Mac freak, he bought a MacBook with german characters in order to learn German too. :)/

Anyway, who is your favourite web personality?

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  1. “Broadcast media tells you what to think and doesn’t let you get involved” , I understand democracy not as good as it should. But I think ,I agree with this statement.

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