Quantitative stem cell papers on arXiv.org


arXiv.org is the urform of open access scientific publishing since 1992, where “formal peer review is replaced by constant peer interest.” as Quinn Norton wrote. It is is THE preprint server for scientists in physics, maths, for instance, Grisha Perelman’s million dollar proof-sketch was first published here. But did you know that there are many preprints on arXiv published in the field of quantitative biology from 1992? Within biology subject classes are: Biomolecules, Cell Behavior, Genomics, Molecular Networks, Neurons and Cognition, Other, Populations and Evolution, Quantitative Methods, Subcellular Processes, Tissues and Organs. Recently I found six papers concerning the modelling aspect of stem cell science, and let us see the titles of them in order to see what kind of quantitative aspects can be modelled concerning stem cells:

Evolutionary dynamics of adult stem cells: Comparison of random and immortal strand segregation

Simulation of stem cell survival in small crypts

Genetically engineered cardiac pacemaker: stem cells transfected with HCN2 gene and myocytes – a model

Towards an understanding of lineage specification in hematopoietic stem cells: A mathematical model for the interaction of transcription factors GATA-1 and PU.1

Design Principle of Gene Expression Used by Human Stem Cells; Implication for Pluripotency

Theory of Robustness of Irreversible Differentiation in a Stem Cell System: Chaos hypothesis