Pimm joins to the Week of Science initiative

I accepted to post only on strict science topics on the second week of February, from 5 till 11. You can sign up too. The initiative, which has an own blog, called Just Science were made by 3 Scienceblogs by Seed bloggers, the authors behind Evolgen, Gene Expression and Mixing Memory. Their motivations are partly similar to mine as I emphasized it in the Scienceblogs wiredtiredexpired list: too much politics, too much fight with the so called “anti”-, or “pseudoscientists”, less efficiency for spreading science. As they put it “the debates where anti-science is the topic of interest sucks much of the oxygen out of the science blogging community, in time and effort, which we could devote to commentary on genuine science.” As I interpret The Just Science Week is a good opportunity for every science bloggers to popularize their special research field. It is stem cell research, mitochondrial biology and regenerative medicine in the case of Pimm. If it turns out, that strict science topics are not as high-trafficked than soft political topics, so what? Try to reverse the situation with quality blogposts.
Updated list of participating blogs here.

2 thoughts on “Pimm joins to the Week of Science initiative

  1. Great idea, thanks for the link, I signed up too. At Scienceblogs, they write too much on politics, me, I write too much on pop-medicine. That week is going to be a good competition for myself… Nice catch, Attila.

  2. Yeah, I also signed up basically as a challenge to myself to produce some good science posts. Let’s see how it goes!

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