Steve Jobs style partial immortalization keynote: the iPimm

Now we are after the Steve Jobs Keynote introducing the iPhone at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. I don’t know if the iPhone line will be the ultimate portable digital device everybody is dreaming about, but I do know, that when partial immortalization as a technology will be first introduced it will be by definition the ultimate one concerning the end result, an adult human being indefinitely fixed by continuous regeneration treatment in a constant physiological age. Of course the technology will be under perpetual improvement, but this end goal never changes, preventing and fixing all the aging related bugs, set the overall cellular turnover. This is the deepest PR problem of any healthy maximum life extension technology: even if it has worked on a human being, ie. there is a man, whose all organ and tissue were regenerated at least one time via systemic regmed, even if it is the case how do you present it to the public??? Because all they will see is a healthy adult human being standing on the stage and appears to be in a common chronological age, say 40.

So Ladies and Gentleman, let me show you how iPimm or indefinite partial immortalization works on one man….

All the apps you need are integrated into one complete regeneration treatment completed in every 25 years, for example a new tissue engineered liver and kidney made from the artificial protein scaffold XYZ and predifferentiated amniotic stem cells with the revolutionary iVitro technology:


Incredible and supercool, the first immortalized man ever and as easy to make another leg module with the 3D live printer as make a steak. You can upgrade and gradually replace your cerebellum with 150 million hematopoietic turned neural stem cells just within half year with the iBrain drag and drop transplantation technology.


and on and on and on…..4000 lattes please. See you after 500 years to prove the point further. The cost of the treatment will be…well we are already waiting for the FDA approval so I announce it later.