Best companies to work for: IT Google and BT Genentech

According to Fortune Magazine January 22 Issue, the best 2 Amercian companies to work for are from the high tech domain and from the Bay Area: Google, the IT Lord, and Genentech, the first real biotech company founded in 1976, which is the Apple of the biotech industry. As Genentech CEO and Google board member Art Levinson says, “What draws people to both companies is the environment, one where they have an ability to pursue things largely on their own terms.” Of course, there is one more reason Levinson is a Google acolyte: “Here I am a guy who can afford a good meal, and every time I go to a Google board meeting, I don’t leave until ten o’clock at night because I get a free dinner there.”


One thought on “Best companies to work for: IT Google and BT Genentech

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